Redevelopment of the rear rooms

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Redevelopment Work at Zion

Following the discovery of significant structural instability in the rear half of the existing church structure, it was agreed that such conditions although of a considerably wider scope than originally envisaged, would once corrected offer the church the opportunity to enhance the existing facilities, so making for a diverse offer to the community of Tenterden.

The damage caused by wet rot and Death Watch Beetle had destroyed approximately 90% of the original timber supporting structure. To this end it was decided to request of Ramboll UK Limited a new structural design which respected the existing external envelope whilst permitting the Design and Construction Team the liberty to restructure the interior of the building to offer contemporary and well serviced accommodation, appropriately suited for the needs of the modern church community.

The church initially engaged the professional assistance of Bluebell Construction during 2013. Coupled with existing in-house expertise and other skilled tradesmen currently contributing to the completion of this imaginative new scheme. The hand over date was delayed several times due to unforeseen extra structural problems but the task is now finished.

Accommodation offers two large and well-appointed syndicate rooms, new male, female and disabled toilet/shower facilities, two new consulting/administration rooms, a catering kitchen at ground level and a small self-contained kitchenette at first floor, disabled lift facilities, a daily operated reception and advice area, a new music storage area and generous quantities of general storage to assist with the holding of materials required for the daily operation of the new facility.

Additionally, the new scheme is serviced by new plumbing, electrical/IT systems, heating and ventilation, which has improved the provision to the existing church auditorium as well as the new construction.

This has been a challenging project for the church, and we are immensely grateful to all our neighbours and the Council not only for their forbearance during construction works, but also for their generosity in assisting us with funding and support in order to see this prominent landmark in the town restored in order to offer worship to God coupled with community service in the years to come.

The building works of course restricted some of our activities but we have now moved back in, re-engaging with the youth work and also exploring what God has in mind regarding the future use of this splendidly restored building. The Church is indebted to Ian Banks who has project managed the whole works and to Keith Maynard who, along with many others has put in so many hours of hard toil.

As the building work is now complete we are able to offer a variety of modern and well-equipped rooms for hire. To register your interest please contact Mike Parks at: [email protected] or ring him on 01580 762487