A word from our co-Pastor


Rev Jerry Newson, Co-Pastor


Dear Friends

The more I study Jeremiah 29:1-14 and especially v14……. “I have plans for you….” the more I really believe this word of God is so right and relevant for us at Zion! Through disobedience Gods people had found themselves in exile in Babylon and the word came to them through Jeremiah that this was part of the plan, this was where they were to be for the foreseeable future (actually turned out to be 70yrs!) and this was where they were to put roots down, engage with the community, prosper and blossom, this was to be their mission field!

It is no co-incidence as to where Zion is positioned in Tenterden High Street. It is no coincidence that we have a long heritage and history or proclaiming Gods word and salvation to our Town and our neighbourhood. It is no co-incidence that this is where our mission field is, we are where we are and do what we do because God had always planned it to be so! And because He has, then He has plans for our New Season that is opening up before us this year and after.

Please continue to pray for our leadership team as they prayerfully manage many responsibilities and seek the Lord’s guiding. Please will you also pray that as Gods transition takes place our love for each other continues to grow and blossoms, our roots extend even deeper and the fruits of our faithfulness become ever greater.

Your friend and Pastor………Jerry

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